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I thought I was a tough guy, until recently, I FELL IN LOVE WITH this young half-Ghanaian woman running her own fashion business. I met Julve while browsing through some photos on Instagram.

The first time I saw Julve’s photos, I knew She was the one.. infact all the tough guy things vanished within a twinkle of an eye. Julve was a fashion designer. She made designs using local Ghanaian prints.

Sleepness nights were my thing, I will stare at Julve’s photos and imagine some beautiful moments.

One imaginary moment I clearly recall, Julve and I were sitting on the couch on a cold Saturday evening, the lights in the room were quite dim and Julve’s head was lying on my chest. I was playing with her hair and we were both laughing.

The 64 inches television was on but who cared… Love had set in the air.. To me, we were the best match in the world. Then my friend, Joojo walked in with his girlfriend and headed to his room (infact he was also happy just as I was). Joojo was a sanguine just as I was.. in real life we share similar goals and experiences.

Our apartment had a roof top facing​ the sea. If I can recall clearly, it resembled the shores of the country Columbia. I could smell grilled tilapia, some hot ‘kenkey’ (boiled maize flour in maize husk) and ‘kpakpo shito’ (grounded pepper and milled fish stew).

Imagine eating hot ‘kenkey’ on a cold Saturday evening.On the far east of our apartment was an ‘afropolitan’ bar,It was a ‘night life’, from a distance, one could see the reflection of bonfire lights over the clam waves of the sea…but Julve and I decided to stay away from the party…..


This imagination still hits me till date. One thing I liked about Julve was that she was hardworking, beautiful and lively.

Her eyes were different; eyes that could pierce your thoughts with roses.. Her cheeks.. don’t​ let me go there.. she was about 5’6inches tall, her curves looked like gourd, better shaped than Coca-Cola bottle and her skin color… Exactly what my friends and I had been dreaming of… To me Julve was everything..

But hey, 😔… I have doubts in my mind Julve is single.. I am not scared to ask her.. the thing is that I hate disappointments.. cos they hurt.. the reason why I try to play tough guy.lol

Oh wait… I just woke up and realized everything I typed here was just a dream… Thanks for reading! I still love Julve though, hope to meet her soon somewhere in Accra.

 Image Source : africanartonline.blogspot.com



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