Born Michael Owusu Addo, Sarkodie as he is widely known is undoubtedly one of the greatest musicians Africa and the rest of the world has ever seen.

From commanding a great deal of respect among the old and the young, Mr. Micheal Owusu Addo is one of a kind whose legendary craft cannot be left out in the history of rap music.

Despite his continuous success in his music career, Sarkodie still remains the most consistent artiste in the music industry; from organizing his own shows to signing of albums,the rapper can be described as the ‘king’ indeed.

Apart from his success in music, Sarkodie is also a good Entrepreneur and businessman who ensures he makes progress in all in his dealings.

Here are the top 10 success principles you can learn from Sarkodie’s ‘sarkcess’.

Sarkodie is always working hard

If you are looking out for one artiste who has been consistent in his works. Sarkodie would not give in to any temptations that would stop him from putting in the extra work needed.

Whilst others are out partying and goofing off,Sarkodie is out there is recording and working hard.

You may not think it’s necessary, you may think skipping the extra little bit of effort a few days here and there is fine.

But that small difference in effort may well determine whether you become the best, or not – Sarkodie makes that difference.

Sarkodie is has always been committed to his Dreams

It’s very easy to have a desire for something, or your own dream. All it takes is a little bit of imagination. Nearly everyone has some sort of end goal or dream, but half of them aren’t committed to working towards it.

They don’t want to put in the effort, the hard work that it takes, and most of all they don’t have the complete belief that it can be done.

Everyone has a plan, but only some will begin to put it to action, and only a minority of those people will stick with it after having to overcome any obstacles along the way.

Sarkodie is one of the few artiste who set out his Dreams to be a better musician by combining a great set of ideas who he knew could contribute to his success.

Sarkodie takes advantage of Every Opportunity

Far too many people miss their opportunities or completely waste them – Sarkodie isn’t one of them.

Sarkodie is one rapper who snaps every opportunity that comes his way. This, others fail to see and gets their opportunities swept away without realizing.

You need to be willing to seize every opportunity that comes your way, and set out to create any for yourself that you just don’t get given the break you needed on – and this is what keeps Sarkodie succeeding all the time.

Sarkodie isn’t just in it for the money. He is in the game for success,greatness and progress.

To become successful after only setting out to become rich, is difficult enough, but it also means that you’re only going to reach a certain level of satisfaction and happiness.

Being a great rapper has always the priority,but the money has always been the motivation, and Sarkodie never ceases to work for that.

Sarkodie worries less about What Others Think

If you have studied Sarkodie critically, you will realize the rapper barely has time for ‘unnecessary talks’. He is either focused on producing a new tune or working out a new project plan.

Sarkodie believes that he is the Best

Declaring he is the best means he is always ready for competition.

Seen by many as the ‘king’ of rap’, Sarkodie ensures he is always up to the game.

If you believe that you are the best as soon as you set out on your journey, this is ultimately the person you will become. You will becoming the best by thinking you are the best.

Sarkodie has learnt how to take risks.

On the long road to success, you’re going to be challenged with risk. You have to take risk in order to get to where you want to go.

So, instead of complaining about how to handle risk along the way, learn to love how to take risk and get a thrill from it.



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