Stop toying with people’s feelings – Wanlov warns Medikal

Sister Derby and Wanlov, Sister Derby and Medikal, Medikal, Wanlov warns Medikal
Sister Derby and Wanlov

Musician Wanlov De Kobolor, has finally reacted to breakup controversies between Deborah Vanessa who happens to be his sister and rapper Medikal.

W all wondered why Wanlov after all that has unraveled has decided to keep mute, despite promising Medikal at the beginning of his relationship with Derby that he was going to deal with him if he ever messes with his Sister, Derby.

Well, the “Konkonsa” music fame who has reacted to the issue and has expressed his disappointment over the way Medikal is handling things.

In his recent Instagram post, Wanlov literally jabbed Medikal describing him as someone who intentionally toy with people’s feelings for fun.

His post reads;
“Do u intentionally toy with peoples’ feelings coz u enjoy seeing them squirm?”, Wanlov quizzed.

One can say Medikal was indeed toying with Sister Derby’s feelings judging from the fact that he just released a short video cuddling and kissing in bed with Fella Makafui.


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