Resign or Die: 31st Night Prophecies Leave Dr Bawumia In A Dilemma

2018’s 31st night has left the vice president of Ghana, Dr Bawumia in a dilemma as all prophecies by renowned men of God in Ghana predict his death in 2019 unless he resigns from post.

Reverend Isaac Bempah and Prophet Nigel Gaisie prophesied his death in 2019. Reverend Owusu Bempah in his revelation never minced words, he prophesied that Dr Bawumia might lose life in 2019 if prayers are not administered to avert the doom ahead.

Another prophet, Nigel Gaisie also revealed that Ghana will have a female vice president in 2019 and this seems to be in correlation with Owusu Bempah’s doom prophecy.

Digging deep into the prophecy of Prophet Nigel Gaisie, he wants to sound an alarm that indeed Ghana is likely to replace Dr Bawumia with a female vice president and the only possible way for this to happen is when Dr Bawumia resigns or die.

Dr Bawumia in 2018 had to battle minor sickness where he was sent to the UK for further medical attention so these prophecies about him somehow make some sense to those who believe in spiritual matters.

He was also involved in an accident somewhere in the Northern Region a few days ago.


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