‘Being successful can equally be attributed to being productive- to be a productive entrepreneur implies putting in place all the necessary processes involved to keeping your business in good shape. ‘

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Productive employers are always busy either learning something new or ensuring that their decisions meet their set targets. It is of no surprise why it is sometimes difficult to understand most entrepreneurs. This is so because, most of the times they minds are always filled with vast range of ideas.

After careful study of a couple of successful and productive entrepreneurs, this is what I found out about what they really do- and how they keep succeeding.

  1. Productive Entrepreneurs think outside the box.

    By critical observation, you will realize that almost every entrepreneur thinks abstract whether they are working for someone or own a startup. Productive entrepreneurs go be beyond how the layman thinks and tries to find new ways of cultivating great ideas.

    Thinking of innovators like Mark Zuckerberg (Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Facebook) and Lawrence Edward Page  (Co-Founder and President of the World’s famous search engine, Google) brings to bare, what I mean by ‘thinking outside the box’. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to make the world more open and connected, so he together with his roommates brought up the idea of facebook ( then facemash ).

  2. Every Productive Entrepreneur looks for Problems and provides solutions to those problems.

    Productive entrepreneurs are not superheroes, they are problem-solvers and thinkers. While understudying a group of entrepreneurs at OMGVoice (One of Ghana’s most popular blogs across Africa), I came to a realization that these entrepreneurs were aimed at providing some form of solution or information to the everyday problems affecting people.

    They started with a market need, spanning from providing information through their online news portal to providing digital and technological solutions to the public.

    Productive entrepreneurs are always cultivating rich ideas and always searching for the right customers to sell their ideas to.

    If you intend to be a productive entrepreneur, then you need to be ready to look for the market – the people who really need what your offer.

  3. Productive Entrepreneurs always present their brand first, followed by their real self.

    As my friend Clifford Mills-Tettey will say, ‘Do not expect to make a fortune when you are selling your image rather than your brand..you’ll remain broke forever‘.

    Frankly, it was only until last year somewhere April that I got to know, that the Founder of Imani Ghana (Ghanaian-based Influential Research and Analysis Organization for Africa) was actually a Ghanaian named Franklin Cudjoe.

    Being one of Ghana’s top Analyst and Researcher, Franklin Cudjoe presented Imani Ghana as a distinct feature in Africa’s Political and Research Studies rather than promoting himself as the founder.

    It is to this effect that I say, ‘promote your brand, and people will know you better.. promote yourself and people will know you not‘.

  4. Productive Entrepreneurs compete differently.

    Productive entrepreneurs always have different marketing strategies, as to how and when to approach a consumer or even launch a product or service.

    Setting out a target group is good but not enough for every productive entrepreneur.

    They always go beyond the borders of finding out every important detail about their competitors and even sometimes go to the extent inventing better ways to be in a comfortable lead in the market.

    How is this possible? Let’s take this example. You have a new product you want to launch into the market where there is already a bigger market for your competitors product – How do you do it ?

    As a ‘new entrepreneur’, the best thing you can do is to invest into spending time informing consumers about how effective your product is.
    This way, you are not only promoting your brand but also ensuring healthy competition between your competitors and yourself.

    Most ‘new entrepreneurs’ make the mistake of trying to tarnish the image of their competitors and this very bad.

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As productive entrepreneurs, you should make the market define you. This will go a long way to helping you know more about your consumers, what they like about your brand or product.

By this, you will learn how to innovate big and better ideas to help grow your brand as an entrepreneur.


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