“Oh that lady, it’s a long story you know, here is your drink” I replied

“Thank you, but that is still not an answer to what I asked you. Who is she Mike?” Kathy asked.

“Hahaha, okay I met her somewhere last week at the toll booth. She was not having any cash on her so I had to help her pay her toll. I met her here and she was just taking a moment to say thank you once again” I said.
“No string attached?” She asked.

“Yeah sure no rope attached haha” I replied

“Good boy come over here, kiss me” She said.

“What?, we are outside” I replied.

“I know right, that’s why I need you to kiss me and it should be now” Katherine in fizzy mood.
I looked around, shook my head and got closer and kissed her.

When it was time to go I went to Vera to take her contact.

“Mike do well to call me, you have a kind heart and I want to help you okay” she said
“I will do just that mistress” I replied.

“Nice, for the start take this envelope okay, and get something for yourself and lover girl” Vera teasingly.

Katherine looked moody, but I ignored her and took the envelope from Vera.

We left and Katherine never said a word to me till we got to my place.

“Kathy are you okay?” I asked.

She never gave a reply, she moved straight to sit on my bed.

“Katherine I asked a question, why this moody face? What’s wrong” I asked again.

“Nothing” she replied sharply

“I don’t know why you behaving this way, but if it’s about that lady trust me she’s nothing. I took what she gave me because you told me last time “gentlemen don’t reject offers especially from women” I said
“Oh I see so because of that you have to flirt right?, Mike please I love you and I don’t want you to break my heart like my ex did. I just have some weird feeling about that lady. I wish you can avoid her completely” she said looking sober and worried.

I stood up, held her closer to me on the bed and said “it’s you I want to be with. Nobody is taking me away. You are beautiful and enough for me okay” I said robbing my hands at her back.

She raised her head and to look at me, I smiled and she smiled back. I kissed her and we had sex again that night.

The next morning at shop I thought of calling Vera at least.

I had to call for three continuous time before she picked.

“Hello, this is Micheal” I said

“Awww Mike, sorry I was expecting your call yesterday. I hardly pick strange numbers that’s why I delayed picking. How are you boo?” She asked.

“Im fine, how are you too?” I asked back with a smile.

“I’m good you know, just lonely. I hope your jealous girlfriend is not with you. I saw how jealous she was yesterday” She said.

“Hahaha, well I called to thank you for what you gave me yesterday. I’m really grateful” I said.

“Come on that was just a token from me, when can you come to my house? My house address is on the card I gave you. I need to see you” she asked.

“Eerm, weekend, yeah I will do my best to come over at weekend” I responded.

After the call I saw Abena looking at me.

“Abena is everything okay?” I asked

“Not really, I called you last night you didn’t pick” She said.

“Yes I was busy I guess” I replied

“With sister Katherine right?” She replied not looking too happy.

“Hahaha, why did you have to conclude that early. Yes she is the one” I said.

“I know Bra Mike, you are handsome and ladies like you. Some do come here for me to give them your contact but I don’t because I want to protect you and I like you too” She said looking shy.

“Hahaha, great that’s nice of you and I like you too okay. You have been great ever since we started working together” I responded.

“Awww Bra Mike, please I hope you won’t miss my birthday party, because I want to see you there” she said.

“Yes I won’t miss it, I will come little girl” I said.

“Come on Bra Mike, I don’t like it when you call me a Little girl. I will be 19 very soon. I am a big girl now you know” she said.

“Hahaha, oh I see. Okay big girl. You have a boyfriend I’m sure?” I asked.

“Yes I used to, but I had to leave him because of you” she said.

“Because of me?, how and why?”

“Because I feel like you won’t like the idea of me dating him So I quit” she said.

“Well that’s cool, you will be going back to school this September.

Your mum told me you had some awesome grades in your WASSCE. I think you should concentrate on that. With this I support you” I replied

She smiled an indication that she was happy with my response.

All too soon it was weekend and it was time to honor my promise of visiting Vera in her said house.

I called her I will be coming.

Truly when I got to the estate I knew this is a different settings. I have heard of the estate but this is my first time going there.

I got to her door. I pressed the bell and a well built guy like myself came out asking whom I’m looking for.
“I’m looking for your madam” I said

He looked at me in a funny manner and replied sharply “My madam is not around. Get off my sight” .


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