“Oh that car, it’s for Vera, yeah the lady we met at the pool. She is trying to help me secure a job. I took her to Takoradi this morning but since she wasn’tt returning I had to bring back the car .. I told her I didn’t tell you I will be going to Takoradi” I lied.

“Hmmm Mike so you went to Takoradi without telling me? What if something happened to you?” She asked back.

“That’s why I said I am sorry, it was an impromtu something..It won’t happen again I promise” I added.

“Hmmn Well your food is cold, let me microwave it for you to eat, You know it’s late but you must eat something” Katherine said.

I was full since Vera had served me well but to avoid Kathy suspecting anything I agreed she heated the food.

After eating we had our bath together and went to bed.

At dawn the next day she woke me up
“Mike, there is something I want to tell you” she said.

“Can’t you wait till day break?” I asked
“It’s important that’s why” she said.

“What is it about?” I asked.

“It’s my mum she want to meet you. She want you to come at least so she knows the person I do spend my night with ..Please” she said.

“Hmmmm, I love you but….” I said
“She’s not asking you to bring drinks as my bride price. She just want to see you please.. I told her you will come today” she said.


“Kathy, this is really difficult I can’t go to your mum when I am not ready to” I said.

“Yes I know, things will be fine just see her for me please. So she won’t have to question me anytime i am coming here” she pleaded.

“Well, we shall go there this morning because I have other rounds to do today too. Will that be fine?” I asked.

“Yes that’s fine. Thanks soo much baby I love you” she said smiling.

“I love you more” I replied
We found ourselves kissing and ended up giving her the “dawn fast and furious”.

Around 9am, we went to her house. That was my first time meeting Kathy’s mom.

“Gentleman my daughter has said a lot about you to me” Kathy’s mum said.

“Yes mum, she’s a loving lady I wish to marry her in no time” I said.

“Good please, they were twins her other half died and she’s my only child now. Her father is also dead so she’s my all please and please do take care of her for me.


I am begging you with God. You are a nice guy and I believe your character will be same” the mother said.
“Haha, soo sad to hear all these but trust me Kathy is fine and safe with me I promise you” I replied.

I told Kathy it was time to go. I left their place and headed to Vera’s house.

She gave me a welcoming smile an indication that she was happy to see me.

I moved to say good morning but she opted for a hug instead. She was just in a short skirt.

“So tell me was she angry when you got home?” She asked.

“Eerm yes she was but I cooled her down” I said.

“Your manhood is real good. I had a good sleep last night. That’s why she is all jealous about you getting close to other women” she said.


I never said a word. She asked me to take her upstairs and I did.

She dressed up and we got out. She pointed at another expensive car Rolls Royce Phantom which I opted to drive her in.

We first stopped at a restaurant and after eating she asked me to drive to a known estate in the city.


Finally we got to a house in the estate.

We got inside, it was equally a fully furnished 5 bedroom mansion with a pool, garden and a beautiful interior decor.

I thought she was just showing me around perhaps allowing me to get familiar with her said property.

We went round the round and she dropped the bombshell finally
“Eerm Mike, I brought you here because I don’t like where you staying. In fact giving you my car and you parking it on the street is just not safe. This is one of my many houses but today it is yours.

You will have to move in as soon as possible then I shall get you some amount to start a business of your own. I like you and just as one good turn deserve another I promise to change you into the man you always wish to become” she said handing me a bunch of keys.

I couldn’t hide my joy and amusement. I tried going down on my knees to thank her but she asked me to stop.

We drove back to her place with so much joy in me. Her source of money was never my problem. I was only thinking of how generous she is.

We made love at her place before I left to my rented house.

I went to my shop the following morning. It had been close to a week and Abena upon seeing me which she was happy.

“Bra Mike, I miss you” Abena said.

“Miss you too, I’m just trying something new that’s why I haven;t been here lately, how is the shop and what’s up with you? ” I asked
” Errm everything is fine, but today is my birthday, hope you have not forgotten soo soon” she said.

“Oopps oh my bad, happy birthday too you cutie” I said.

“Thanks soo much Bra Mike, can I get a hug from you for the first time at least” she requested.

It was an open place with people passing by to attend to their business and work.

I looked around and looked back at her. She knew how difficult doing that will be but she still insisted for the hug.

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