“Oh but I just called her and she asked me to come” I replied
“I said she is not around, get out” he said back.

“I’m not one of the soft guys you bully. Do I look like a soft person?”

As we exchanged words continuously, I heard Vera’s voice “Bruce what is going on at the gate?” She asked.

“Madam, some low class fellow came asking for you and I asked him to back off because you were not around” Bruce replied.

“Well thanks, allow him in. He is my visitor” Vera said.

Bruce allowed me inside finally and truly it was a master piece of architectural design.
To the left of the house was a large pool with summer canopies which shed on the right side, 12 different car models. Aside that were five exotic dog breeds galavanting in the house.

I took a slow walk to the main door leading to the edifice.

It was an automated door, I heard a sound saying “Fully scan, no threat detected” before the locker opened.
I entered and the interior was super.

“Awww Mike, sorry for the little interruption at my gate, welcome dear” Vera said.

“I understand madam, he was only doing his job. Nice house full of expensive cars your husband must be rich” I replied.

“Hahaha have a seat, what is this whole perception in the world? Can’t hard working ladies like myself acquire properties without been tagged with this whole husband thing?

Well there is nothing like a husband. Whatever you see in here is for me and me alone. I work soo hard. What do I offer you ?” She said with a smile.

“Anything nice will do” I replied.

Even in the living room I couldn’t stop looking around as hard as I try. She went to her kitchen to get something for me.

“I know you will love this” she said with a smile.

I saw her coming with Baileys and some ice cubes in a small bowl.

She served my glass which contained some ice cubes and for herself while lightening cigarettes puffing smoke in the air.

“Do you care for a stick of cigar?” She said.

“Nope, I don’t smoke please” I said.

“Oh decent guy..sorry, so tell me how come a handsome good looking man like you sells credit at the roadside. You should be doing some decent job than this. You are too handsome for that job” she said as she blew out some smoke from her mouth and nostril.

“Yeah, you are right. I was a former military officer. I had some little problem in there so had to resign” I said as I sip the drink.

“That’s nice …everything happen for reasons sometimes we don’t know” she said

“Yes I understand perfectly. That’s why I’m building my life all over again with the small business you saw me doing. I don’t really sell, my shop is some few meters away from where you saw me so I kill boredom by helping the little girl in my shop by trying to sell some more cards by the road” I said.

“That’s fine, but I want to help you, if only you are ready. You deserve to live a better life” she said.
I turned to look at her well, “Please are you sure you want to help me?” I asked.

“Trust me I want to, I live alone in this whole big house. You can even move in here with me if you wish. Give me a chance let me change your life” she said.

” Thanks soo much madam, God bless you” I said.

“Stop calling me madam, you know my name I am Vera thanks” she said.

“Sorry Miss Vera” I replied.

She smiled and said “Good boy, let me show you around”

I stood from my seat and followed her. It was a big mansion with many rooms and even other rooms underground. We went out first to the main yard to the pool then to the cars.

“These cars you see are mine, this is not my only house. I have 5 of similar houses filled with cars. You will have access to them the moment you decide to move in here with me” she said.

It took us close to 15 minutes to explore the whole house.

I thought we were done exploring but she buzzed, ‘..time to go upstairs..’. We used the elevator to upstairs. She held my hand straight to her bed room.

Everything in there was well arranged and expensive.
“This is where we are ending the small tour,my bedroom. I sleep alone on this big bed because the lunatics I met in the past took me for granted” she said.

“Nice room, nice everything. God has blessed you” I replied.

She pushed me slightly and I fell directly on her bed. My heart at this point was beating soo fast.

She grabbed a remote and her home theater started playing “Beg you a f$$k” by Vybz Cartel.

She took a slow step to me on her big kingsize bed.

At that point I was left with pushing her off or giving in.
She was really fair, with an awesome body shape. She took off her hands in the blouse she was wearing and it fell loosly to the crystal-tiled floor.
All I could see at this point was her fair and firm looking boobs.


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