I pounced on her like she was a prey. She resurrected the beast in me. I hadn’t felt a woman in three months.

Before I was kicked out of the military, ladies kept visiting me every single weekend.
I saw from her eye she was ready for me. I lay flat on the bed on my back.

We both knew what we were up to.

She jumped on me with her ‘in-between’ directly facing me,
She didn’t hesitate to grab ‘me’ into her mouth.
I tickled her ‘in-between’ with my tongue till she vibrated like a gear lever.

She suck the hell out of me and I gave it to her soo hard afterwards, soo hard that she begged to take it easy on her.

We had a great time. We went three rounds before I heard my phone ringing loud. It was Abena the shop attendant.

She told me there was shortage of some recharge cards so I had to come over to get her new ones from the wholesalers.

“I have to go” I said to Katherine.
“Yeah me too, my mum called my phone severally” she replied.
We left together and she went home as I went to check on my shop.

After getting the recharge cards I took a few to the tollbooth to sell them.
As I walked through the speedy vehicles, I saw a brand new unlicensed Toyota land cruiser v8 getting off the lane to park a few yards away at the bus stop.

I realized it was a lady driving, I saw her searching through her car. I believed she wanted to buy airtime so I went to the car and knock at the window which actually drew her attention.

She rolled down the window.

“Good afternoon madam, airtime, will you buy?”

She smiled and said “No”

“Eerm sorry, you look a bit confused, is everything alright madam?” I asked.

“Yes, Yes, just a little problem. I went to a friend but I left my purse at her shop and you know I will have to pay the toll to cross or I will have to get back and looking at this huge traffic I don’t think I can go back” she said.

I put my hands in my pocket and gave her two Ghana cedis. ‘..This could pay the toll for you…’
“Wooow thank you dear, you came right on point” she said.

Just when she was about to ask my name I heard someone calling “airtime seller”.
I left her to attend to the one calling, by the time I turned the car had sped off.

It was getting late and I decided to go home since I was tired, I bought some food from the street and didn’t waste time to eat.

While watching evening news Kathy called to check on me.

She told me how she missed me and wish to be around me all day. We scheduled another meeting to the weekend.

Right after dropping her call Abena my shop attendant called. Ths very first time Abena was calling late.
“Hello Abena, hope you doing well?” I asked
“Yes Bra Mike, I was calling to say hi” She replied.

“That’s nice of you, but it’s late you know” I replied with a smile.

“Yes please, it is because I couldn’t sleep. Next two weeks is my birthday. I told my mum that I will invite you home and she said you should come for my 18th birthday. Please don’t say No” She pleaded.
“Hahaha Aeena is that why you calling?” I asked.

“Yes bra Mike, I need you to be around because it’s going to be a blast” she said.

“Okay, I will come and my regards to your mum as well” I said.

“Thanks soo much bra Micheal. I’m happy and can sleep now” she said.

“Haha okay, good night” I said

“Good night bra mike” she replied.

That weekend, I went out with Katherine to one of the hottest hotel in the locality.

We went to swim at their pool.

We had great fun. While in the pool with her I found a lady in a distance who kept staring at me. I became suspicious and begun spying on her asher.

She was in a hot bikini with a sun glass relaxing with a glass of wine and a spliff of cigarettes.

Fair colored, sexy and hot. Funny enough anytime our eyes met, we smiled at each other.

I came out of the pool to get some more drinks from the bar for myself and Kathy. As I was getting back the lady intentionally crossed my path.

“Hi you look like someone I know, I’m just not too sure. Have we met before?” She asked.

“I’m not very sure please,but you equally look familiar” I replied.

“Oh I remember, you were the guy who gave me the money to pay for the toll somewhere beginning of the week right?” She asked.

“Oh that, sorry I left because someone else wanted to buy airtime” I replied.

“No problem dear, I felt bad that you didn’t wait for me to say thank you before going. What a small world, glad to meet you finally. By the way my name is Vera” She said stretching her hands for a handshake.
“I am Micheal, friends call me Mike” I replied and stretched to shake her as well.

“Nice meeting you Mike” she said while firmly looking at my muscle and wet pant which had drawn the size and length of my manhood.

“Nice meeting you too mistress” I replied
“Please I know you are with your girlfriend, but do see me before you leave. So we can stay in touch after this place” she said.

“I will do just that” I said.

I left to where Kathy was and even before dropping the cocktail ..Katherine busted out “Who is that lady you were speaking to?”


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