With a choky voice I said “Hello”
“Hello sorry to interrupt your sleep, this is Katherine please whom am I speaking with?” She asked
“Eerm this is Mike, Micheal the guy you met earlier today at the mobile money shop. I was calling to check up on you so you could equally get my contact” I said
“Oh Micheal!, sorry I was busy in the kitchen cooking. I just finished with what I was doing” she said
“Okay that’s nice, guess we will have to speak tomorrow then because it’s late” I said
“We are already in tomorrow” She said laughing over the phone.
“Hahaha okay madam, then later in the day, good morning and sound sleep”
“Haha good morning” she said and dropped the line.
I was at the shop in the morning the next day as usual when a little girl brought a pack of Waakye. She said sister Katherine asked her to bring it to me.

I thanked the little girl and called back Katherine to tell her I had recieved the food. I thanked her for her generosity and promised to call her when i was less busy.
In the afternoon, I called Katherine to know whether she was home and her reply was positive.
At that point, i realised i had begun falling for Katherine; I had to be cautious inorder not mess up anything. Katherine’s sense of humor was intruiging, her beauty and character exceptional among the woman I had earlier met.

Katherine told me during our conversation she was only free on weekends, which were conditional after I asked her when she was less busy.

We scheduled a perfect day to meet and on one saturday, we met at the Bojo beach.
She came looking neatly dressed in short pants.

I was mesmerized with seeing her in shorts, her curvacious body with thick thighs which flaunted her huge butts couldn’t allow me keep my eye off her. Katherine was hairy was her chocolate skin revealing her sexiness.
Her white teeth, clearer and brighter than someone’s future I couldnt take my eyes off her smile.
“Why are you looking at me like that? ” She said sipping her Coke with the straw.
“Eerm nothing much, I wasn’t looking at what you think I am looking at” I said smiling
“Hahaha, so now tell me why did you want to see me, I am here now tell me what you want to say” she said
“Nothing really, I just want us to be good friends” I said
“Mmm is that all you want?” She asked back looking straight into my eye.
“Yes, that’s all I want” I lied
“Hahaha, men!, well what do I also need to know about you?” She asked
“Hmmm, I am a graduate, I was once a military officer. I resigned to start my own business and pursue my dreams. That’s all I can say about myself for now.

Whatever you need to know will come as we move along” I said
She quickly looked at my thick muscled body and giggled.

“What about you.. is the waakye joint for you?” I asked
“Haha why do you ask?” She asked back.

“Typical Ghanaian huh!, answering questions with questions. I least expect you to answer what I asked you first before asking yours” I said
“Hahaha oh my God Mike, you are soo funny. Well that’s Ghana people for you. No the joint belongs to my mum. I am just assisting her to sell” she uttered.
“Woow, with how beautiful and endowed you are… few will expect that every morning you will by the roadside selling waakye. Come to think of it.. could it be a selling strategy you and you mum developed?, i asked.
you know some guys will come purposely to have a glimpse of you but will cover it up by buying waakye” I added
“Hahahaha look at you, I just love to sell. It is why I didn’t bother to continue my education after secondary school. I went to learn how to make pastries and do decoration.

I do get offers almost every weekend for weddings, parties and funeral for pastries and catering in general” she said
“Wooow business minded, you must be rich” I said jokingly
“Hahaha, not yet but I will be” she replied laughing.

We had a good time at the beach together. When it was getting late, we took a taxi back home. I made the driver drop her first before taking me home.
From that day we became good friends. I call her almost everyday.

A week later, I fell sick. I went to the hospital and the report stated I had malaria.
I was given medication. I informed Katherine about my condition and being discharged. She came to my house for the first time that evening with chicken light soup.

I tried to eat little, my temperature was high and I was feeling cold within.

As difficult as it was I tried taking my bath. After I took my drugs and went to lie down on my bed. There, Katherine came to sit by my bed.
I didn’t recall the time I slept.

It was 3 in the morning when I woke up, only to find Katherine by my side.


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