“Oh no, that won’t be necessary” I said smiling.
“Come on, gentlemen don’t reject offers especially when those offers are coming from women” She said.

I got back smiling. Within a minute she was done packaging my waakye in a pack. ‘Thank you Miss’, i uttered.

“You are welcome” she replied with a smile.
“Eerm well I am Micheal yeah Micheal” I said to her.
“Oh nice I am Katherine” she said.
“Nice meeting you Kathy” “Nice meeting you to Mike” she replied. we exchanged goodbye pleasantries and left for the house. After a cold shower, i did justice to the hot waakye garnished with all the leaves and goat meat.

Later in the evening, I went to make enquires about the cost of a mini ‘shop’. Prepared as I was, I made payments for the shop to be delivered later the next day.
On my way back home I met a colleague soldier, he was in the senior rank in the military.

“Mike, oh my God where have you being hiding?” He inquired.
“Hahaha Ofori I’m good soldier, I have just been on a low key” I replied
“Hahaha, Nice I heard about your resignation from the military. I was told you said you decided to continue with your education and concentrate on something else. Mike you are a good soldier. You shouldn’t have left but then I trust you will excel in your new field and adventure just like you did in your unit” Ofori said.

“Resignation?” I said to myself “eerm Oh yeah, thanks very much too brother. It is well.. once a soldier, always a soldier” I said to him.

“Hahaha copy that spartan” he replied.
When I got home I couldn’t stop thinking, because deep within me I knew I didn’t resign but then I was sacked. So who told him I had resigned?

All too soon the container for my mobile money and airtime business was ready. I employed a young high school graduate as a shop attendant.

I took her though the sales and transaction details and in less than a week, she grabbed knowlegde of the business offhead.

I kept writing letters and distributing them for a possible employment. To kill boredom, I joined Abena my shop attendant and assisted her sell the airtime cards because the was a huge demand for airtime by motorists and pedestrians who used the road to the tollbooth.

One hot afternoon in the shop, Abena came calling out my name and quickly, I rushed out of the shop.
According to her a little girl had been sent to deposit 200 Ghana cedis to deposit but Abena told the girl she could deposit only half the amount per the rules of the telecos but then she could leave all the 200GHC and that later after a few hours will send the remaining half.

The little girl seemed not understand Abena and the latter was that she couldn’t trust Abena my shop attendant.

The little girl revealed she had been sent by a lady who stood a few metres away from my shop.I walked to the lady only to discover it was Katherine, the Waakye vendor I had helped few weeks ago.

“Mike!, what are you doing here?” Katherine asked looking surprised.

“ the shop over there belongs to me, i work there” I answered.

“Oh really?” said Katherine.
Katherine followed me back to the shop after taking the money from the little girl while thanking her.
I took the phone and transferred the first 100 cedis and promised to send the remaining in an hour time.

Katherine was depositing the money into someone’s account,which the person called a minute after depositing the money confirming the transfer was successful.

I thanked Katherine for her cooperation and understanding, and when she was about leaving, I asked for her contact.
She was reluctant. “…oh Yes I know you have a boyfriend. You are beautiful but i am not taking your contact inorder to snatch you away from your boyfriend” while trying to convince her.

“Hahaha crazy!, why are you putting words into my mouth? I didn’t say anything. I just don’t give out my line but with you I have no choice …so I will give it out” she said while smiling.

“Good , can I have it now?” I asked
“Sure, 027496…… call or whatsapp” she said.

I nodded while she left with a smile.

I couldn’t take off my eyes off Katherine’s curvacious body which made me get goosebumps.
Night came and while in bed, I tried calling Katherine but no one answered the phone.

At about 12am, my phone was buzzing. Katherine was the one calling.


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