We did our best as the first batch of soldiers deployed to Bambali but the next day , a call came from the Headquarters in Accra to return and be replaced by the ‘Black Panthers’ – a highly skilled group of ‘giant soldiers’ trained to combat wars.

The conflict had escalated because of the gruesome murder of the king.

I was in my room at our barracks in Accra one hot afternoon when the General Commander sent for me. I quickly rushed to his office to find out the reason behind the urgent order.

General Mambusa looked soo serious and furious.

” You called for me Sir”, i uttered in a bold voice while saluting him.
“Why did you kill the king?” The general said
“Excuse me Sir, I don’t understand sir” I replied.
” I said why did you kill the overlord of Bimbilla? ” He asked back screaming with his eyes almost gorging out of his sockets. Mambusa was a tall commander who feared nothing. He had survived many wars and was noted of one thing, tobacco and hard liquor.

“I still don’t understand, I know the king was killed.. in fact we tried our best to find the killers but then it became necessary for us to leave for another team to take over that’s all I can say and remember sir”
“Bullocks!, here the autopsy report forwarded to my desk indicated that the bullet that shot the king actually came from your pistol, I mean your weapon.. I demand answers now! or you face the martial court” The general said placing a file before me furiously.

I was shocked to the bone when I glanced through the document.

“Sir I swear I know nothing about this, what happened was that before we were deployed I exchanged my weapon with Vanessa. In fact the day the news broke that someone has shot the king we were together. I don’t know how it all happened Sir” I said with almost tears
“You what?, You gave your gun to someone else like seriously?, this is unprofessional.
Crap, totally crap. You don’t do that as a soldier.

See the problem you have caused because of your stupidity soldier. It is a very big issue on our hand. Your silly mistake is dragging the credibility of the military into something else” The military general said
“I didn’t do it sir….” I said
“Well investigation is still on going but before then. This is your letter. You are suspended off your duties indefinitely until investigations are done. Lay down your badge and any relevant acroutrouments.

You are a good soldier Micheal but you messed up. This is the best I could do for you. They had wanted to put you behind bars or hand you over to the police as we investigate but you have been useful to this unit ever since you joined 3 years ago” He said.

I couldn’t believe my ears.
“Sir…. sir you can’t do this to me I am innocent” I said.
“I’m sorry Mike you will have to leave my office now” the general said as he puffed smoke into my eyes.
I took the letter and left in tears.

I went to Vanessa’s flat to check on her but she was no where to be found. I tried all units lines but could not reach her.

Joining the military was my childhood ultimate wish. I missed out joining the forces after secondary school but had the opportunity after my first degree.

It was just 3 years after i joined the Ghana Armed forces and here was I caught up in the devils net.
I packed a few belongings at the barracks, was escorted by the soldier guards as I boarded a taxi to an apartment I had rent in the outskirts of Kasoa.
Confused was the only word which could describe how I felt. Looking back from where I came with huge family responsibilities I couldnt bare, the only thing I could pray for was that the truth would be uncovered that I could return to my post.
Telling my parents in the village that I had been suspended from the military was a news I could not dare to disclose. Infact I was the breadwinner of the family.

I drunk my heart out that whole week. Whisky smelled all over me and at a point suicide became a fourth option which i never considered.

The only reasonable option was to use my first degree in Computer science engineering to get a job real quick.
I distributed my CV and application letters to some big companies hoping for a call but my phone never buzzed for a whole week.
At that point, I realized I had to do take action. Finally after taking a cold shower one after I decided on using my savings to setup a small business.

The idea was to get a container for a mobile money and sale of airtime closer to the toll booth in my vicinity.
I was expecting that some of the main media houses will publish my suspension from the military since it had become a sensitive matter. But for four weeks , no reportage was made on the issue.
Jogging was part of my lifestyle as a soldier and I did that almost every weekend.
One Saturday morning while returning from my usual jogging I found myself right in front of a waakye joint in my area.

A lady was there with a taxi about to take out the waakye in a big saucepan from the taxi to the kiosk.
From a distance I saw how difficult it was for the taxi driver who looked 50 to help the lady move out the heavy saucepan of waakye out of the trunk.

I rushed there with my sweating body; in a singlet and a track suit.
I lifted the whole saucepan with ease and placed it on the small table in the kiosk.

The young curvacious lady was surprised. Starring at me with her cat-looking eyes.
“Thank you soo much dear, you came right on time” She said.
I smiled and said” You are welcome”
I started walking back to the direction I came from.

“Eerm excuse me please, do you care for some waakye? I’m giving it to you for free just to show appreciation for the help you just gave us” she uttered.


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