It was a hot Sunday afternoon. I was in my cubicle enjoying some country music when I heard the emergency bell at the barracks.
I jumped out of my bed to dress up as the bells rang.

We paraded and the base information was that there was an ongoing conflict at Bambali, a town in the South Western region so our presence as community combat forces in the army were required.

This was just a week after returning from Somalia as United Nation Soldiers on peace keeping. We have fifteen minutes to dress up for deployment. I dressed up quickly. Just when I was about to stepping out, Vanessa, a colleague soldier walked in.

Such a beautiful woman she was, I proposed to her some three months ago but she turned down my request saying she couldn’t trust me with her fragile heart.
“Hey Soldier!, why have you not being calling me lately” She inquired.
“Eerm nothing” I replied.

“Nothing?, oh so if i should have given in this was how you gonna treat me huh? Anyways Do you know I’m going with you on this mission?” Vanessa added.

I was surprised to hear that from her.. “But you are not part of the combat forces so what are you going to do there?” I asked.

She got a bit closer and said”Well there are casualties in the ongoing conflict, people will need medical attention so General has decided to add myself and a few other nurses to the team to take control of the injured, I’m told because of the conflicts nurses and medical staff have fled the Bambali town for their safety” she said.

”Oh that’s cool,….” I replied . She then placed her gun on my shoulder, “take my weapon. I want to have something from you and so give me yours. After this mission you can have me all to yourself. I know that’s all you want. Fuck the hell out of me till I cry, beg and squirt” She said smiling with a seducing look.

I was surprised but I never said a word. I smiled and up my head went gazing at the tent as if I had something to tell the Creator.

Vanessa took my gun and I kept hers. We left to our aerodrome to board the helicopter to Bambali.

We got to Bambali in about an hour later, truly the place was on fire. I could see some few houses burnt into ashes. The whole conflict per our sources disclosed was as a result of a chieftancy dispute which had been lasting for over a decade.

The previous governments had tried solving it once and for all but the conflict never seemed to cease.

The Bambali town was as quiet as a cemetery. We went to our designated camp to mount our tents and later deployed to various zones in the join to protect those around.

The night came and those on shift went to guard the town while we had the night off.

The next day the President of the Republic and other dignitaries came around to mediate between the factions.

They met the overlord and other leaders of the land to help settle their differences.

They signed a peace treaty to smoke the peace pipe finally.

After the meeting it became necessary for us to lay off our duty for the police to maintain internal peace.

I was in my tent when Vanessa came around.
“We are going home finally right?” She said

“Yeah, I’m happy the leaders are now seeing the essence of peace. They will have to do away with this whole trivial fights that retards development in here” I said
“Good boy come here, what is it that you said to me 3 months ago?, Have me? Here I am ..have me then”
She said and stood to sit on my laps on my bed.

I tossed her like a coin and quickly went to zip the entrance of my tent. Before I returned she was done taking off her uniform.

I got closer to kiss her on the neck while her Calabash shaped breasts kept smooching my chest.
She went down on her knees to open my flap, without hesitation she performed some magic with her lips.

We had great time romancing, she excessively became wet that she gave in finally.
I gave it to her soo hard, soo hard that she could not just stop moaning with my name.
We reach an equilibrium.

“I didn’t know that you are this big, haven’t met this kind before” a tired looking Vanessa said with her head lying my chest.

I gave a faint smile.

I wasn’t sure whether what i felt for Vanessa was true or just some form of false love pretense.

I stood up to get some water for us to drink, there I heard a loud explosive bang..’Boom!!Boom!’.What could that be?, I asked myself.

I opened the tent to have a look at what was happening outside. From the direction of where the overlord of Bambali lived, was smoke engulfing the skies.

“There is a problem” I said to Vanessa.

Jumping out of the bed, she quickly dressed up.

We heard the emergency call system asking all soldiers to come out of their tent.

Upon gathering ourselves into the various command units, we were informed some bad people had set the palace ablaze and the king had been killed.

Quickly, our command heads dispatched us to manhunt the perpetrators. “Aho, ahoya..jogging with our black masks, off we left’


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