NO HOPE! Menzgold Customers Will Not Get Their Money, They Can Cry Blood – Prophet Nigel Gaisie reveals

Prophet Nigel Gaisie and it is not something, customers of the gold trading company will be happy about.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie during his 31st Night service prophecied that Menzgold customers will gnash their teeth and weep but that will not bring their money back so they should forget about getting their money back and move on because “their funds have been blown away by the wind”.

According to the man of God, although properties of the company will be confiscated and sold, it will not be enough to pay investors, so it will be important for those who have their monies there to forget about it and charter a new path in their lives.

“I saw gnashing of teeth and lamentations, let’s forget the money, let’s have a second plan because the money the wind has taken it away” he revealed.


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