NEW LEAK: Security Officer Caught Banging ‘Underage Girl’ In A New S3x Tape

2019 just kicked off with a new tape that’s circulating on Whatsapp, a man who is presumed to be a security man is seen chopping down a young girl who seems to be a minor if our judgment is correct.

In the disgusting video, it’s obvious the girl wasn’t ready for the sexual encounter as the expression on her face suggests that she’s been forced to do something against her will.

It’s a disgusting video and it’s surprising that this unknown man even recorded the act, knowing that if it mistakenly leaks he could land in hot waters especially if it’s determined that the girl is below 16 years.

In the video, the man who was wearing a trouser that looks like that of security guards is seen striking the girl from the doggy position in his condom and there was some sort of resistance from the young girl at some point.

Its Unfortunate we can’t post the video here because our online policies frown on that.


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