Life is fickle. We are reminded of our mortality each time we turn on the TV, flick on a radio, or even take a short walk down our streets to buy milk. Anything can happen at any time. Our existence wiped at any moment, as easily as taking a breath.
People, being as they are, unconsciously build a barrier to distance themselves from the notion of death. You hear of a family being killed viciously by a serial killer and while you might feel bad for them and remember to thank God for your life, the feeling, for most, evaporates after a while. You absentmindedly return to your former ways of things.
You say things like, “Nah, it won’t happen to me”, “I am protected by God”, “I’m covered in the blood of Jesus” and you move on with your life.
While your behavior is perfectly understandable – humans are nothing if not flawed – with a little practice and control you can learn to take control of your life.
“Live like there’s no tomorrow.” It’s a popular enough saying, I’m sure you’ve heard it countless times. I hope this story helps you keep It in mind.
A close friend of mine recently had a near-death experience. This is his story:


He looked at his watch, a grin slowly forming on his face. 7pm. Class would end soon. Just as the thought crossed his mind, he saw the lecturer turn off the projector and close his laptop. He hurriedly packed up his books and laptop into his bag, stopping only to talk briefly with some course-mates.


After a few minutes, he was done. He met up with Tex and Rad, beginning the long journey home. They talked of unimportant things on their way to the bus stop. What the lecturer said, how they’d work on the next assignment together, what they’d eat when they got home, that fine girl seating at the back… they went on this way for minutes, blissfully unaware of what was to happen.
They got to the bus stop and got on a bus. Traffic was terrible. Much more than usual. They’d been in the same spot in traffic for over a 10 minutes. Our three guys continued chatting away the time when something… unexpected happened. A huge flame erupted from a filling station less than 30 feet away. A moment later, another flame erupted, much closer this time. He could feel the heat on his skin, his hairs standing on end.
At that moment, time seemed to slow and speed up concurrently. There were shouts and screams everywhere. People abandoned their cars running for their lives. The mate (conductor) of the bus jumped down and followed suit, closing the door behind him.
Panic erupted. Passengers struggled to open to door to no avail. There was chaos everywhere.

His mind raced endlessly playing back several scenarios. He momentarily forgot that Tex and Rad were by his side, thinking only of his survival. A passenger by his left broke open the window and was about to jump when something else happened.

A police cruiser just happened to be in front of the bus at the moment the fire erupted. The sirens turned on and it moved to the side of the road trying to clear the way ahead. The bus driver took the initiative, following the cruiser.
In about 5 minutes, they were finally well clear of the filling station, left with nothing but gratitude for simply being alive.

Every moment matters
Every moment matters

Don’t do it tomorrow. Don’t do it in an hour. Do it is now! Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us, so try to live as much as you can right now. Life is too short. Do it now!!!


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