WATCH: ”You dey ware Tracy’s Beads like chains”- Kwame Oboadie trolls Sarkodie

Herrr!! This Kwame Oboadie guy dey talk oo.See what Adome TV ”Aseres3m” show host Kwame Oboadie talk Sarkodie for en birthday.

The Aseres3m show host for Adom TV wey them dey call am in a video today talk en mind give the King of Rap for Ghana here (Sarkodie) say as he diss someone say he dey ware African cloth then take some do ”Kaba” for Ghana why he too dey ware some dey take snap birthday pictures.He also talk am sey he put en wife beads for en neck like chains.

The controversial show host also advise the rap King say ”he dey stay for glass house,so make he no trow stones”

Watch video Here.


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