caritas naa ayele aryee - tatas and friends ceo
caritas naa ayele aryee - tatas and friends ceo


Today on ghanatalks, we are interviewing one of Ghana’s young female entrepreneurs. Caritas Naa Ayele Aryee is her name; and she takes us through her entrepreneural journey.Enjoy!

Kobylarry : hi Caritas, tell us about yourself and the whole TATAS & FRIENDS’ biz.

Tatas and Friends LOGO
Tatas and Friends LOGO

Caritas : Alright, Caritas Naa Ayele Aryee is a 29year old young lady who had her basic education in St. Anthony’s School and Senior High at Aggrey Memorial Senior High School. Currently an HRM final year student of Wisconsin International University. Worked as an Insurnace agent and PR and Marketing assistant for the Tigo Insurance Brand.

I am currently a partner at Godigital company limited. We offer digital services to SMEs for starters. We put together strategies to grow your digital audience. We hope to add more services as we grow.

I am the founder of Tatas and Friends Foundation a non-profit that seeks to bring hope to the less priviledged. We believe the government can not do everthing and that’s why we have come together to help the development of our country.
We are known for our charity fundraiser “Kenkey for the needy” which brings people from all walks of life together to help raise funds for deprived schools.

Kenkey for the needy
Kenkey for the needy project

I love digital and everything that comes with it.

Kobylarry : That’s interesting, so how did you start your business and Tatas?

Caritas : I started Godigital when I realized I had grown my page on Instagram to a level. I was advertising for free and the people were making lots of money. That’s when I decided to monetize it and charge reasonable for it because those who come in are mostly start ups.

I resigned in May from my job at Bima Company Limited to focus on Godigital since Tatas and Friends is doing well but can be better if more attention is given. Tatas and Friends started in 2013 when I figured I had a little influence online and I could used it to raise funds for people in need.

The meaning of my name Caritas means to give to the needy. It is mostly practiced in the Catholic church. If you ask me I ll tell you I am living my God given purpose on earth which is important than anything. If you do his will he will wont hesistate to fufill his promises to you.

Kobylarry : that’s so deep.. as a young CEO

Caritas : Hahahahhaahhah I don’t like to be called a CEO. It’s a serious title if you ask me and I cant wait to get there. CEOs have long Biographies please mine is not even one paragraph. As a young woman chasing her dreams I am relentless.

Kobylarry : so what is the way foward for you as a young entrepreneur.

Caritas : I have a lot of things I want to do and I am going to make sure to achieve them. I am a whole story on its own because I was never the type to be counted as intelligent.

Kobylarry : what has been your motivation Caritas?

Caritas : My motivation is every needy child I see. I feel entitled to their future. I feel like that child needs me so I have to step up my game. Apart from GOD, my mother is another great motivation. She is very strong and hardworking. I recall her break her back just to make life comfortable.

Kobylarry : those words are powerful…tell us about some of your achievements.

Caritas : My Foundation now has a fundraiser that people look forward to every year. For someone who was scared of organizing an event that’s an achievement for my team.

Also mid 2017, I was nominated Forty Under Forty Awards. I have been able to build a trusted brand using digital and that to me is an achievement because there are a lot of fraudulent non-profits especially.

I have shared platforms with the likes of Anita Erskine ( Founder Anita Erskine Media), Dzigbodi K. Dosoo (CEO Allure health and beauty spa), Melanie Botha COO Global Media Alliance and many more.

Kobylarry : Such an achievement..What are your thoughts about entrepreneurship and Ghana?

Caritas : There is so much to do in Ghana so much! Money is just not circulating but I still believe there is a lot of money to be made right here.

Kobylarry : What do you seek to achieve as a growing entrepreneur?

Caritas : Entreprenurship is not easy. When I had a full time job I wasn’t feeling it but now that my full time is my own job I salute the likes of Despite, Tobinco because its not Jollof from the beginning. Its really plain uncooked rice . Its difficult but very achievable. To be an entrepreneur you have to be patient and enjoy the journey because that’s your story.

Kobylarry : very powerful there..what are the challenges you face as an entrepreneur and any relevant details you might want to add?

Caritas : There are a whole lot of challenges I face as an entrepreneur. There are days when you wont even receive one phone call from a prospective client; this can make you question your very existence as a person. You will wonder whether you made the right decision to chase your dreams but that’s when you have to stand your grounds. A whole month and the company may not have made any profit but that’s how it is.

I would like to say to the Youth lets learn to be patient. Everybody is looking at making crazy money but it comes with work. Not all that kind of money comes from white color jobs some comes from getting your hands dirty working on your dreams. We should stop comparing our dreams please they are different and very much valid.

Patience, Honesty and Prayer and trust me we will all get there. Seek experience and that is what will bring the money you want. Also be loyal to whoever you are working with now because their recommendation is important for your next step.

I want to use this opportunity to thank the TATAS AND FRIENDS team for their selflessness and strength. May their wells never run dry and may GOD Favor them in every aspect of their lives.



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