Forget 2020 elections – Volta Youth to NDC

We have observed with dismay the level of ingratitude shown to the Volta Region by the leadership of the NDC in the party’s just ended national Executive Elections held at the Trade Fair Center, Accra.

Having remained loyal to the NDC electorally over the past two or more decades, much was expected of the party in making sure that the frontline positions our people vied for would not elude us, but we were shocked to realize that the leadership of the NDC led by ex-president John Mahama conspired against all of them for them to lose.

Following the number of years we have served and remained faithful to this party, the least we expected from the NDC was to machinate a plot to dim the influence of Voltarians in the NDC.

It is disheartening to note that for a party that has the Volta Region as its world bank would have all its frontline candidates eliminated in such a cruel fashion.

We have seen very little developments in this region though we have solidly supported the NDC in every election held in this country.

For Dan Abodakpi, Koku Anyidoho, Anita De-Soso and Fred Agbenyo to be humiliated by the party in the manners that we have seen, we have come to the conclusion that the NDC doesn’t need our support any longer so we are also ending our marriage with them!

To this end, we shall do to the NDC what they have done to us in the elections we just held. They have more than humiliated the Volta Region.

We have learnt with shock how assigns of former President Mahama ran helter-skelter vigorously campaigning for the aspirants who won against our candidates. The NDC is ungrateful and we shall punish them for grossly disrespecting us!

Thank you!

Source: Simon Korsi Ndekor / TEL 0244781697 (Convener) / Kwaovi Amewugah / TEL 0549469339 (Member)


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