How to enhance employee-manager relationship.

Enhancing positive relationship in the working environment does not involve only one individual. It is a task that involves all the people (managers and employees) within the working space.

If all the people are expected to be involved, then there is the need for a cordial relationship among all employees and their managers. It is this socio-cordial relationship that will bring about peace, love,trust, oneness and transparency.

A critical factor is leadership. Not everyone within the working environment can play the role of a leader. A leader must possess such qualities as foresight,drive,vision, a fair sense of judgement and must be able to take initiatives.

As managers, there is the need to display a good set of these qualities because they will help him to organize his employees towards the achievement of their goals in the company.

Where there is effective leadership skills displayed by managers, there is less ignorance about certain issues concerning the company or working space.

This is because, effective managers are able to create the correct awareness about any negative idea that will deprive development and progress.

Another factor that can boost manager-employee relationship is Motivation. Every employee loves motivation, being it in kind or in words. Naturally, motivation is a great tool to pushing employees to do more.

As such, every manager should periodically be able to offer any kind acceptable motivation to their employees. Motivation can be in the form of financial support, granting leaves or even material support.

Every employee must also be a participator in every aspect aspect of work by playing his or her part in achieving the goals or objectives of the company or organization.

It should be noted that goals and objectives are important in the development process because it sets direction for all people who are motivated and gets their interests aroused.

As said in the beginning of this post, enhancing manager-employee relationship is not a task for an individual. If managers display all the good qualities and their employees are reluctant to contribute the development of the company, then there will be retarded progress.

There is the need for positive change of attitude among employees to enhance the relationship between their managers and them to bring about progress.

Every employee should see himself as an agent of change, an initiative driven individual so as to bring about progress.

It is also the duty of each employee to ensure that, their managers become aware of the problems affecting them and their jobs as well as the needed resources which can help them solve the identified problems.

The enhanced relationship of the working environment depends on the contributions every employee and manager makes. This is because it is a stepping stone to bringing about progress and development within the job environment.

Managers should therefore see employees as the Foundation upon which organizational goals can be achieved. In case where the organization or Company cannot spell out it’s tradition and culture, employees may act as ‘super important’ than their managers.

Therefore, there is the need to ensure that the company’s laid down rules are well defined, and as such any breach of the code of conduct makes every member of the company or organization liable to punishment.

Employees should therefore be submissive and object strongly to negative behavior or acts which may arise within the organization. This may go a long way to enhance the employee-manager relationship.

When there is a positive relationship between employees and their managers, there is a tendency that organizational goals can be achieved even faster than the set period of time.

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