Derrick .S. Vormawor - paslgh
Derrick .S. Vormawor – paslgh

Recently, Ghanatalks had the pleasure of interviewing Derrick .S. Vormawor, CEO of Platinum Africa Solutions Limited (PASL), a company which provides strategic business and consultancy solutions.
Below, Mr. Derrick goes into a little bit of detail on PASL – GHANA, how it got started, their services, and the aims for the future of the company.

Derrick also talks about his routine as the CEO of an ever growing company, and what advice he has for other entrepreneurs looking to improve their productivity.

If being the CEO of a successful business is your main goal in life, definitely have a read of this interview to learn more about the hardworking routine of a great CEO.

Interview between *Derrick* and *kobylarrygh – Ghanatalks*

Kobylarry – Hi Mr. Derrick , great to be talking to you. Could you tell me a little bit about yourself.

Denrick – I am Derrick S. Vormawor (Founder,CEO, Lead Consultant of Platinum Africa Solutions Limited and serial entrepreneur)

Kobylarry – Nice, could you share with us how PASL commenced, where did the whole idea come from?
Derrick – I started Platinum in my father’s living room where i lived with a borrowed laptop back in 2015. I felt like i was called to start the company to solve some particular needs.

I started it as an Investment Consultancy and later it morphed into a business consulting firm after identifying a pressing need of businesses which i could solve.

Kobylarry – What has the vision of Platinum Africa Solutions Limited being like ?

Derrick – The vision for me has always been to live my purpose on earth. My purpose is to lift others up. I want to become a viable path through which a lot of  businesses will emerge, become sustainable and grow in Africa.

In the near future where any investor / entrepreneur wants to establish in Africa, my company’s name should come in mind. As one of Africa’s thriving and rising young entrepreneurs, i am here to serve and make as many dreams as possible, come true before i exit earth.

Kobylarry – Why did you decide to start Platinum Africa Solutions Limited?

Derrick – PASL started after i realized a lot of businesses were running without a strategy, plan and a winning culture. This was an opportunity to come into existence as a company and i gave it my full shot.

So we didn’t just come because of money or the fun of it, we rather came to solve some key business needs and to God’s glory, we have and are still doing that. We draw winning business plans and proposals, strategy development, market research, product development, corporate training, business investment consulting and The Business Startup Clinic.

Kobylarry – That’s interesting, what has been your motivation all these while.

Derrick – At times the journey gets really tough, i won’t sugar-coat it. There were times i just woke up from bed and broke into tears because this journey left me lonely, disappointed and broke at times.

But one thing i had always done was to trust God. He put me on this track, and He would see me through. This has been my greatest motivation, that no matter what i go through, i have a hiding place and that’s in God, and ever since i surrendered my business and entrepreneurial journey to Him, it hasn’t been the same and i haven’t looked back.

Kobylarry – Very Inspirational words, apart from ‘StartUp Clinic’, what other achievements have chalked with PASL

Derrick –  The greatest achievement for me ever has been when i won over my fears, stepping out of my comfort zone and living my life my way, God’s way.

Aside that, i was named among Top 100 Student Entrepreneurs in Ghana in 2016; my company got nominated for Premium Bank Ghana Startup Awards in 2017 and also for best consultancy and professional services in The 2017 40 under 40 Awards Ghana.

In my lane of work, i have developed strategies and business plans for clients in Ghana, Nigeria, USA, Israel,etc. that has helped most of them get funding of over $4million and that is a huge thing for us at PASL. In a nut shell, seeing clients win is all we seek for.

 I want to do better and recently in August 2017, i graduated with a BSc. Banking and Finance from University of Professional Studies, Accra and presently an MBA International Business in Developing and Emerging Markets Candidate at The Technical University of Freiberg,Germany.
My goal is to learn more, network more and pull in  a lot of business investors into Africa. I also want to expand my business and we are launching soon in another African country to make our services available to other businesses outside Ghana. We are going Pan-African.

Kobylarry – I really love that, what are your thoughts about Entrepreneurship in Ghana

Derrick – Entrepreneurship in Ghana i think is gradually taking shape and a lot of  people, both young and old are taking the bold step to make something happen. Howbeit, the environment in Ghana isn’t so enabling for entrepreneurship as it is in other countries like Kenya and the western world, but it teaches one to be resilient, consistent and patient.

Otherwise, I believe, we are the ones to make things happen and gradually, that enabling environment will grow into our system.
Kobylarry – what impact do you want to make in the global market ?

Derrick – We at Platinum Africa Solutions want to see a lot of businesses succeed in Africa and we are 100% focused on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises establishing in Africa.

We are growing and expanding so a lot more businesses and Entrepreneurs will reach us in other places. In Ghana, we are located in Accra and Tamale and soon starting operations in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kobylarry – you have really inspired me with those words, what are your final words Sir.

Derrick –  I’d like to say Big thanks to the team handling operations in Ghana; Frederick, Emmanuel, Gifty, Abass, Stephanie; our board of directors, our partners, and clients who keep us in business.

We are only here because of you. Without all of these people, we cannot have a business running. Thank you to everyone out there that has inspired my journey in one way or the other. I am grateful and God bless us all.

Kobylarry – thank you for time Sir.

A big thanks to Derrick for giving Ghanatalks the opportunity to conduct this interview.



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