emmanuel appoh nuels food zone
emmanuel appoh - nuels food zone

Last week I got the chance to interview one of the youngest CEOs Ghana has ever had, Emmanuel Appoh of Nuels Foodzone.

Instagram : instagram.com/nuelsfoodzone
Enjoy our great interview below.

nuels food zone
nuels food zone

kobylarry : tell me about yourself Nuels.

Nuels : Emmanuel Appoh is my name. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management from UC.C. Nuel’s Foodzone is the name of my business. It is a catering service that cater for all events ranging from birthday party, cocktail events, weddings, child christening and many others. Aside the catering service that we provide, we also offer delivery services to clients which wish to enjoy some a meal in the comfort of their homes.

emmanuel appoh nuels food zone
emmanuel appoh – nuels food zone

kobylarry : How did Nuels Food Zone commence?

Nuels : First of all, it has always been my passion in running my own food business since childhood so during the university I thought of starting the business earlier than planned so I carefully planned it.

I got much motivation from my entrepreneurship lectures, I was always inspired anytime I went for that lectures. It made me understand that life is all about risk, you may not have it all at your disposal but taking a step is all that it takes for it to materialize. So that’s how come it all began.

kobylarry : that’s great, what is the vision and the way forward as a young CEO?

nuels food zone
nuels food zone

: My vision is to create a global food brand where people of all Class will be able to enjoy some quality and Healthy meal, “Quality & Healthy” being key. Also, to be able to touch other lives and be able to help my community with my craft of foodmanship.

kobylarry : Awesome vision you have there, tell me the reason for setting up Nuels Food Zone ?

Nuels : To be able to offer food and beverage services to all and sundry from an all-male food brand of chefs and waiters in a country where such services is being noted for just females. Bottom-line to make a difference.

kobylarry : what has been your Motivation all these while ?

Nuels : Waking up every day to the fulfillment that I’m living my childhood dream and knowing that it’s in line with God’s purpose on Earth, that’s what keeps me going.

kobylarry : Any achievements ?

Nuels : For my achievements not much, but I will mention one and I think it supersedes them all, I recently won a food contract with Electricity Company of Ghana, Credit Union in Takoradi.

nuels food zone team
nuels food zone team

What I seek to achieve?
To open a chain of restaurant in the next 5 years to come in Ghana. We will actually be starting Nuel’s Foodzone, Accra Branch very soon, things are underway so before the close of the year they will be in operation.

kobylarry : i pray they come to pass, what are your thoughts about Entrepreneurship in Ghana?

Nuels : I think I’m loving the way young people especially, are now making use of the ideas they have and converting it to do a viable business. Gradually people are beginning to understand life from a different perspective where they ought to start something to cater for themselves without necessarily waiting on the government to offer them a job.

In some years to come I would like my brand to be everyone, whenever anybody wants some good meal to eat the first name that should to mind is Nuel’s Foodzone, when patrons want the best catering service, their first thought should be “us”. That is how much impact I wish to have in the Global food market, when you get to the level it will in-turn put other food brands on their toes to be better.

kobylarry : very powerful words there, What are some of the challenges you face or have faced as an Entrepreneur ?

Nuels : I remember whiles I student, combining business and academics was a major challenge, there are at times I left drained out and so stressed out but I pulled through because God was with me every step of the way. There were a number of times during the early stages that I was handicapped with a lot of equipment, this sometimes made production slow and also it hindered me from reaching my full potential.

kobylarry : what are final words and any additional comments you like to share with other entrepreneur ?

Nuels : I would like to tell anyone out there to make use of every opportunity that may come his/her way, for there is nothing like the right moment, you just have to seize the moment and make it right.

Furthermore, try to be different, you don’t always have to follow the normal way of things, be the standard and let others follow suit, be a master of craft and let it advertise for you.

Lastly, a big thanks goes to my evergreen family, my friends, our cherished clients and to the whole staff of Nuel’s Foodzone, you guys are the best.

kobylarry : thank you for your time, we wish Nuels Food Zone greatness in the years ahead!


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