Biishville ceo
Biishville CEO


 Hello guys once again, in today’s Post, I am interviewing one of Africa’s youngest yet influential Cuisinarts, Kwame Annom Amfo Akonnor, the CEO of BIISHVILLE. It was a great interview having him share with us his experiences, achievements and challenges. Enjoy this great piece and don’t forget to share!!
Kobylarry : Hello, Kwame tell us about yourself and BIISHVILLE.

Biishville : Kwame Annom Amfo Akonnor is my name, I have a degree in business management and I’m the owner and head chef of Biishville. Biishville overs food experiences through pop up dinners, private chef services and restaurant takeovers.

Kwame Annom Amfo Akonnor, CEO, Biishville

Kobylarry : That’s great ! So why did you decide to start Biishville, how did the business commence?

Biishville : I’ve always had the love and passion for food. Begun at a very young age. I’m the closest to my mum out of my siblings so I used to spend a lot of time with her in the kitchen. It’s been a dream to own a chain of restaurants, growing up I realized there was no money coming from anywhere to make that dream a reality so in my third year in the university I sacrificed my monthly allowance for school to start Biishville. I hosted a free tasting session in my living room for 30 people and that’s how the business commenced.

Kobylarry : Very Inspirational, so what is the vision of BIISHVILLE?

Biishville : The vision of Biishville is to be a house hold name. By the fourth year of operation Biishville should have expanded to two shops and have a client base across Africa. Biishville’s goal is to share African food and flavors with the world.

Biishville ceo
Biishville CEO

Kobylarry : I pray that’s achieved very soon. So what has been the motivation for you to setup a food Business?

Biishville : I have absolute Love and passion for food and the zeal to promote the African food and flavors.

Kobylarry : wow, that’s great, very great.. as an Entrepreneur, what motivates or inspires you ?

Biishville : I’m motivated and inspired by my mentors , and pushed by the success of others.

Kobylarry : very powerful words there…tell us about some of your achievements since you commenced Business.

Biishville : The business has achieved so much in a span of a year and 9 months. From strong clientele loyalty to assets, international magazine spreads, newspaper features, international features on blogs , member of chefs in Africa and recently appointed as s high level influencer by the UNHCR a subsidiary of the UN.

Kobylarry : that’s a great achievement indeed. In the years ahead, where do you want to see BIISHVILLE?

Biishville : To open the first find dining restaurant in Ghana and achieve a clientele base all over Africa

Kobylarry : So tell me Kwame…what are your thoughts about Entrepreneurship in Ghana?

Biishville : This is a very deep and sensitive issue to me! The talents the youth of this country have is remarkable but the government does not help! Private institutions/businesses are the back bone to every economy . Venture capitals should be set up to assist young entrepreneurs and the government must make entrepreneurship attractive to the youth.

Kwame Annom Amfo Akonnor CEO of BIISHVILLE

Kobylarry : I truly agree with those words, As an Entrepreneur, what impact do you want Biishville to have in the Global Society?

Biishville :Biishville as a brand is geared towards celebrating the African cuisine and spices . Biishville what’s to share African food with the world And that is the impact the brand wants to have in the global market.

Kobylarry : we all pray for that.. do you face any challenges as an Entrepreneur?

Biishville : The challenges are so much, from financial problems to high cost of rentals, problems with locations amongst others.

Kobylarry : that’s indeed a challenge, I pray the government will do more to help Entrepreneurs and the Youth in Ghana.

Thank you for your time, Kwame Akonnor, we wish BIISHVILLE the best of luck! GOD bless your efforts!


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