Shun dey chop chop yourself then work hard – CRISS KWEKU WADDLE

The Senior man wey he dey AMG wey them dey call am CRISS KWEKU WADDLE talk to the youth say make them shun dey chop chop demmaself then work hard.He talk them say this weather them for use am for farming so say them go make money for demma self rather than chopping demma self.

H advice the girls sey them for look sharp in some things wey them dey do sake of ifyou dey allow this broke boys make dem chop e be preg you go preg wey sekof them be broke, them go VANISH.

This be what he talk for en ”facebook page”

”Pls if u r broke just know that the only thing this weather is good for is FARMING,yoo don’t say i didn’t warn u,be there and be chopping yourself if pregnancy come the guy is for the vanishing”

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